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New York City Bar has released its memorandum on the New York Women’s Equality Act

The New York City Bar has released its memorandum on the New York Women’s Equality Act (A.8070), including its analysis of “Part H – Strengthening Sex Trafficking Laws.”  The City Bar’s Committee on Sex and Law supports the greater emphasis on services for trafficked persons, the creation of an affirmative defense where the defendant’s participation was a result of having been a victim of sex trafficking, and the raising of the penalty for labor trafficking to a B felony.  The Committee also noted that Assembly Member Joseph Lentol’s bill, A.7474, creates a private right of action for trafficked persons to seek compensation as well as a right to counsel for trafficked persons seeking to vacate convictions from their criminal records.  Read more.

Read more about NYATN’s memorandum in support of A.M. Lentol’s bill, A.7474.  Please consider signing on.

Read more about NYATN’s memorandum and recommendations on how to make the Women’s Equality Act successful.

NYATN is Pleased to Support New York Bill A.7474 (Lentol), Which Prioritizes the Needs of Human Trafficking Victims and Survivors

Update: As of June 20, 2013, we have the following organizational sign-ons: Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, International Institute of Buffalo, Safe Horizon, Sex Workers Project of the Urban Justice Center, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights (formerly Rabbis for Human Rights – North America), University of Buffalo Women, Children, and Social Justice Law Clinic, Volunteer Lawyers Project, Worker Justice Center of New York, and YWCA of Niagara County.

NYATN presents its Memorandum in Support of A.7474, a bill introduced by New York State Assembly Members Joseph Lentol (D-50), Andrew Hevesi (D-28), and Daniel O’Donnell (D-69) on May 21, 2013.  This bill is critical to facilitating the identification of trafficked persons, improving their access to much needed services, and enabling them to more safely aid in the investigation and prosecution of their traffickers.

NYATN is pleased to support this legislation, which clearly addresses the circumstances faced by victims of human trafficking and prioritizes their needs. For more details, please review our memorandum in support of this important legislation.

We hope you sign on and share our support!

NYATN hosts breakfast presentation on “The Road North”

Updated: Photos of our successful event: Sienna Baskin, Trafficker Place of Origin, Experiences of Poverty, and Oscar Montiel Torres & Research in Mexico!  More photos, courtesy of Yangbo Du: Policy Recommendations for Mexico, Policy Recommendations for the United States, Recommendations for NGOs, Trauma after Trafficking, Escape from Trafficking, Personal Connection, Experiences of Poverty, Main Findings, and Survivor Place of Origin.

NYATN presents “The Road North,” recent research on trafficking from Mexico to New York City.

For generations, women have been trafficked from the Tlaxcala region in Mexico to New York City. The Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center will share their new report on this phenomenon, and researchers from Mexico will discuss new research and ideas for prevention.


  • Avaloy Lanning, Director of Safe Horizon’s Anti-Trafficking Program
  • Sienna Baskin, Co-Director of Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center
  • Oscar Montiel Torres, Observatorio Contra La Trata De Personas Con Fines De Exploitacion Sexual, Mexico

This event takes place on February 28 at 10 am.  Breakfast will be served!  Please RSVP.

In light of the Secret Service Scandal, NYATN Member Sienna Baskin Stresses the Plight of Sex Workers

NYATN Member Sex Workers Project Co-Director Sienna Baskin stresses the plight of sex workers in light of the prostitution scandal that has rocked the Secret Service on ABC News.  In support of New York’s A1008/S323, which would prohibit police and prosecutors from citing possession of condoms as evidence of prostitution, she states, “We’ve found in New York that when sex workers are criminalized, they are afraid to go to police when they are victims of crime, including theft, rape and human trafficking.”  Show your support for A1008/S323Read more….

NYATN member Sex Workers Project supports “No Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution” bill

The San Francisco Chronicle covered NYATN member Sex Workers Project’s advocacy efforts in support of a bill that would ban law enforcement from using condoms as a reason to arrest sex workers in Albany, NY yesterday.  An excerpt from the article:

“‘We have heard from clients so often that they’re afraid to carry condoms because of police harassment that we know it’s having a public health impact,’ Sienna Baskin, co-director of the Sex Workers Project, said in a telephone interview yesterday. ‘This would be New York taking a leadership role and addressing an issue other states haven’t yet addressed.’”

Show your support for the New York bill.  Read more….

A Forum on “Dynamics of Human Trafficking in New York City”

In recognition of National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, the New York Asian Women’s Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice will host a forum on “Dynamics of Human Trafficking in New York City” on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 6 pm.  Speakers include NYATN member Ivy Suriyopas, staff attorney at the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, and Deanna Croce, Training and Outreach Manager in the Anti-Trafficking Program at Safe Horizon.  RSVP at

NYATN celebrates 10 years of providing direct services to almost 1,000 survivors of human trafficking

NYATN is celebrating 10 years of providing direct services to almost 1,000 survivors of human trafficking.  We are the first in New York to promote the rights of survivors of human trafficking.  We bring together the voices of those with first-hand experience of the injustices of human trafficking, who work consistently to meet the needs of trafficked persons, and who advocate for a more rights-based and responsive policy towards trafficked persons.  Read more highlights about NYATN’s work over the past decade.  Please join us in honoring our anniversary at our Networking Breakfast in May.

Freedom Network Conference 2012 in New York

Freedom Network (USA) hosted its annual conference in New York on March 21 and 22, 2012.  The theme was “Beyond Rhetoric: Human Trafficking Work in the Field.”  Click here for more information about previous conferences.

Sienna Baskin, Lynly Egyes, John Temple, and Monica Ryan

Sienna Baskin, of NYATN member organization Sex Workers Project, hosted a panel on innovative approaches to investigating and prosecuting human trafficking at the Freedom Network Conference. Panelists included Lynly Egyes, staff attorney at the Sex Workers Project, John Temple, Assistant District Attorney in the Sex Crimes Unit at the New York County DA’s Office, and Monica Ryan, Trial Attorney for the Department of Justice.

Stephanie Richard, Ivy Suriyopas, David Abramowitz, and Daniel Werner (not pictured, Melissa Broudo)

Ivy Suriyopas, of NYATN member organization Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, co-facilitated a panel on “Cutting-Edge Anti-Trafficking Legislation: The Changes and Their Impact” with Coalition Against Slavery and Trafficking’s (CAST) Stephanie Richard at the Freedom Network Conference.  Panelists included David Abramowitz, Vice President, Policy and Government Relations at Humanity United, Daniel Werner, Deputy Legal Director at the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Melissa Sontag Broudo (not pictured), Staff Attorney at the Sex Workers Project at the Urban Justice Center.

City Bar Justice Center’s Suzanne Tomatore Discusses Servile Marriages and Laws Against Human Trafficking features a piece entitled, “Woman Enslaved Through Arranged Marriage,” which quotes NYATN Steering Committee Member Suzanne Tomatore.

The blog states in part: “’I think it’s great progress for prosecutors to look expansively at the human trafficking law and use the law to the extent fully envisioned by the law makers,’ says Suzanne Tomatore, an attorney who is director of the Immigrant Women & Children Project at the City Bar Justice Center.”  Read more….

Panel Discussion on Vacating Prostitution-Related Convictions for Victims of Sex Trafficking

Vacating Prostitution-Related Convictions for Victims of Sex Trafficking

In 2010, New York became the first state in the nation to allow victims of sex trafficking to clear their records of prior prostitution-related crimes. This program will help you to identify whether your client may have been trafficked and will serve as an introduction to the process of filing a motion to vacate a prior prostitution-related conviction.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the NYC Bar Association.  Space is limited. To RSVP, email Julia Busetti at


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